Tammy Zonker

We are thrilled to feature Tammy Zonker as our luncheon keynote speaker.  She’s an inspiring thought leader, international speaker, AFP Master Trainer, and host of the Friday5 fundraising show on ZTV. Her lunchtime plenary will answer the question, “What Do Donors Want, Anyway?”

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Simon Scriver

Simon is a professional fundraiser, coach, trainer, international keynote speaker and podcast host from Ireland. Simon will be our MC for the day and will be doing an amazing session on building YOUR personal brand.   

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Heather Nelson

Heather is one of the co-founders of Happy YOU Year and a coach who supports nonprofits in raising money from companies! And helps them feel good about it! Heather will be sharing her wisdom about corporate fundraising!

Paul Nazareth

Many of you need no introduction to Paul Nazareth. He is national speaker and vocal supporter in and for our sector. He is well known across Canada for helping everyone he meets to find their passion through purpose. You'll literally want to walk out of his session on how YOU are the great work in progress. 

Cindy Wagman

Cindy is host of Canada's #1 podcast for charities, The Small Nonprofit podcast, speaker and founder of a firm that works solely with small nonprofits. It's safe to say, her passion for small shops runs through her veins! Her session will focus on tools on how to "get it all done" when you get back to your desk!

John Lepp

John is one of the co-founders of Happy YOU Year and an international speaker who shares his love of donors, direct marketing and design wherever he goes. He coaches and inspires charities around the world to tell better stories and inspire donors more everyday. His session will focus on instant storytelling and legacy fundraising. 

Mimosa Kabir

Mimosa is a dynamic and creative fundraiser with a background ranging from libraries to theaters, international aid to science. Mimosa brings a broad perspective to industry issues and career development and her (micro)session will focus on recognizing and overcoming imposter syndrome.

Lacey Kempinski

Lacey is a local leader and inspiration to her colleagues and peers. Last year, she decided to move on from her traditional work environment and create her own company to focus on her passion for helping and guiding others in their fundraising missions. She's going to share how she escaped our 9 to 5 world but still helps YOU make an impact.

Ashlee Livingstone

Ashlee Livingstone is one of the only fundraisers passionate about Events and the VALUE they can bring to an organization. As one of the Founders of Our Forté – Events. Fundraising. Sponsorship. – Ashlee and her team, work with clients every day to ensure their fundraising events are raising money and making impact. Ashlee’s session will walk you through how to revive your event and make big impact on a limited budget.

Liz Chornenki

Liz is a passionate fundraiser with an affinity for small and medium size organizations. She will be hosting a conversation about how our profession can perpetuate harm, what the challenges are to stopping it and discuss some possible solutions with it. It won't ever be an easy conversation but it will be an important one.

Emma Lewzey

Emma Lewzey has 20+ years’ experience raising millions of dollars across the arts, education, health and human services sectors. Currently she works with non-profits to increase their revenue and exceed their fundraising goals by helping them raise more 5, 6 and 7-figure donations. Her session will work with you on mastering your major gift mindset!

Jen Love

Jen Love is a master storyteller. And not in a poetic sense. In a fumbling, arm-waving, half-sentence-speaking, let's-get-to-the-heart-and-the-feelings sense. Write drunk, edit sober...even if you’re only drunk on emotions. She'll be teaming up with Tammy Zonker for our opening keynote and teaching you all how to play "This Donor Love Life: THE GAME!"

Leah Eustace

Leah Eustace, CFRE, ACFRE, is President and Head Paddler at Blue Canoe Philanthropy, where she specializes in fundraising success coaching, copywriting, case development, strategic planning and program audits. Her session is going to focus on the art of bringing your true self to your work, everyday. Self-care, authenticity and vulnerability are the key words of this amazing session.

And YOU! There will be space and time for you to share with your colleagues and contribute to the conversation! Bring your smarts and smart pads and get ready to
plan for a Happy YOU year!

Jessica Wroblewski

Jessica is an award-winning fundraiser, author, speaker, and teacher. She strongly believes in the value of lifelong learning and networking, and loves to share her passion for the non-profit sector with others. Her (micro)session will focus on intentionally building your career as a fundraising professional.

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