A virtual gathering of fundraisers dedicated to learning and sharing  
Thursday, January 20, 2022: 2pm-5pm EST

Tickets available now for $50

Welcome to this year's VIRTUAL (again!) edition of Happy YOU Year! EVERYONE is welcome!

We were hoping to move to more of a hybrid model of in person and online but decided to keep it all virtual - hopefully for the last time ever.

The format will be similar to last years. Quick 15- 25 min practical sessions, conversations and inspiration about leadership, corporate fundraising, events, direct response, major gifts and much, much more! with some new and familiar faces.


For friends in and around the GTA, we will also be sending you some goodies for our end of day social!  

Our schedule and speaker line up is still being finalized but hopefully you will get your tickets today and we look forward to seeing you online soon!


2:00 Welcome (with Heather, Ashlee & John) 


Session 1: Lacey Kempinski - You want me to do WHAT? How to create a realistic workload: Burnout, turnover, ever-increasing fundraising targets, does this sound all too familiar to you? What if we could create a realistic annual fundraising plan for a small (or mid-sized) shop that meets (and exceeds!) fundraising goals? Tune in to learn more.


Quick Tip: Meenakshi (Meena) Das: Inclusive Prospect Research

Session 2: Dana Segal: Big decision science tools for small shop heroes

Session 3: Heather Nelson & Friends:  Heather and Friends share stories, learnings and tips of corporate partnership success. Whether it is just getting started, being sticky, or strategic outreach that works, corporate partnership success is attainable. By sharing advice and examples from fundraisers who have done it, Heather will help you find some new corporate fundraising mojo for the year ahead.

Quick Tip: Christine Kang (SickKids): Digital and legacy giving

Session 4: Stachen Frederick - Gliding Through Grants : This session will provide an overview of the philanthropic sector as it relates to grants, key common elements of grants, and some new themes in the grant writing space.

Session 5: Ashlee Livingstone - Engage your Team and Improve Talent Retention: We all know we must engage and steward our donors to show appreciation and build/develop loyalty, but somehow leaders keep forgetting this important connection with their teams and as a result we keep losing good people, relationship holders and ambassadors to our organization. This session will cover some simple yet effective ways to engage, connect and inspire your team.

Quick Tip: (TBC)

Session 6: John Lepp - The art & science of direct response: Your donors get a lot of asks that fill their mailboxes and inboxes. What can you do, from a strategic design and layout perspective, to help your appeal rise to the top? This quick session will uncover over 20 years of testing, walk through a multitude of tips and tricks and share the fundamentals of great storytelling through design.


4:30 Get "virtually" Social! Trivia, cider and popcorn! (Cut off for registration and delivery will be January 12th)